\\\ About Me \\\

Hi! I’m Alexi Bullock, and I love what I do. 

My journey of becoming a graphic designer started when I was very young when I exhibited very design-centered behaviors. I would spend hours looking at fonts for hand-made cards, or I would refuse to go into a local store because it “looked wrong” and was “ugly,” or I would get so belligerent when my braids weren’t perfectly symmetrical. These behaviors and others led me to believe I was going to be an artist. I tried my hand at various artistic career paths: a culinary artist, a photographer, an interior designer and a wedding florist. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I found the artistic avenue I had been looking for my whole life: graphic design! I started to pursue this last and final career path starting in high school and since that moment I haven’t looked back. 

Design is now a vital part of my life since graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University.  I've done two summer internships in New York at Modern Identity and at Martha Stewart, which is why a few of my posts are about living in New York. Living and designing in one of the design-capitals of the world only solidified my passion for what I do. 

Now, I work as the Creative Branding Manager/Senior Web Designer at Morinda, and do freelance on the side. I love branding, first and foremost, but thoroughly enjoy corporate materials, blogs, websites and wedding materials. I have a close relationship with my clients and include them in every step of the way. I find as a designer and creative director I have the responsibility of juggling many hats: teacher, accountant, therapist, business partner, and more. I truly love this about freelance as I and have found it a life goal to constantly learn more about marketing, business growth, startups, web design and more. I love working with new clients, and creating new business relationships, so I think we should collaborate! Let's start by being virtual friends, check out my social media links to the right (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

Also, follow me on Instagram @alexibullock to see sneak peeks of my posts and daily happenings!

Recently, my love for design has broadened so I can share my love for the principles of design through DIY events once a month. Design infiltrates everything, not just what items looks like. I feel it my mission to empower everyone (even those who are not graphic designers) to design every aspect of their lives to spread beauty, inspiration, and to bring more purpose into ordinary choices. These events are called Domaign: Home Design Classes.

On top of everything, my husband and I love to travel, explore, wakeboard, hike, watch movies, cook (usually desserts), and try new things. Enjoy our 2012 Christmas video and our 2010 wedding video below to get to know us and our style even more.