Monday, March 31, 2014

Currently Obsessed

Can I just express how ready for summer I am? Did you hear about Mother Nature's April Fool's Joke for tomorrow? It's supposed to snow! Well I'm not laughing. And I hate when people tell me that since I'm from Utah I should be used to it by now, yeah right! How can you be used to freezing rain particles for 7 months out of the year? I'm not surprised it's going to snow tomorrow, but I'm just not happy about it. I'll survive. But the ONLY reason why I'll survive is because I'm making some strategic summertime purchases with the following 3 items that I'm obsessed with and have purchased (or am about to purchase):

#1 | #2 | #3

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Domaign: Gold Foil Succulent Class

For those of you who came to this class, we had SUCH a blast! We seriously talked and worked until 11pm, it was SO fun getting to know each other and creating together! A huge thank you to everyone who came. You girls are amazing, I'm so happy to be doing these events! Thank you for everyone's support!

I'll be announcing a sneak peek of the next event soon, so get ready for an extra special Domaign event. You will NOT be disappointed!! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Domaign: Valentine's Day Cakes

I realize it's been over a month, and these images are a bit out of date seeing as it's not the month of Valentine's Day anymore, but these were TOO ADORABLE not to share! I'm seriously like a proud mamma looking at all these photos. We had a few mishaps, yes, but with some careful crafting we were able to send each girl home with a beautiful, festive, creative, fun and tasty Valentine's Day Domaign cake for February's event. I LOVED this event so much, partly because we got to nibble on frosting the whole time, and partly because I was seriously impressed with everyone's talents. This has been one of the trickier Domaign events we've done, working with perishables is not a cinch! And everyone came through with flying colors! THANK YOU to everyone who came, I hope they turned out awesome. Please send me, or tag me, or email me any personal images you took of your cakes before they were devoured. 

And an introduction to Domaign if you're sitting there scratching your head about what that word means: 

Domaign is a new word created from the root word of home (doma-) and the ending of design (-ign) to create Domaign, or home + design. It sounds like "domain" which gives it a the double-meaning of a person's territory or home, yet this word for "home design" means so much more than your territory or what your home looks like. Domaign is a movement empowering individuals to create a well-balanced home by refined, creative, handmade, purposeful, and/or well-balanced design. Which means that not only will you design what your home looks like, you'll be designing the food you eat and your health in general, designing how you spend your money and spend your time, making and reaching personal goals, while creating and maintaining relationships. Domaign refreshes the idea of "homemaking" by retooling & repurposing it for today's changing world by expanding the sphere of people who can use it while allowing it to fit more categories than just "crafting." Domaign fits that wider realm with the following categories: interiors, health, finances, relationships & personal improvement. What do you think?

On with the cake pictures!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Designers' March Madness

Let's be a designer, I have NO IDEA who will be winning March Madness. I love watching basketball, but as far as who will be the final four? Nope! I understand that Florida's 4/1 odds are much better than say, Harvard's 1,000/1 odds, but I'll be the first to say that there is no way that I could possibly keep up with the 68 TEAMS playing or have any idea who would win for that matter! How do people keep up with all of that complexity? If I were to do a bracket, I would probably create one based off of my favorite states, the cutest team colors, my favorite vacation sites, etc. I mean seriously, if I made one, it would turn out similarly to my 6 year old nephew's bracket (make sure to read his reasons for picking the final four). Love that kid!

So I've stumbled upon the perfect solution, a Designers' March Madness hosted by Fast Co. Design! I likely won't be making a bracket beforehand. But I'll be jumping on there each day to vote on who should win each day, with some quick research for those who I am unfamiliar with. It's a good way to learn about famous designers that I don't know, and feel included in this whole March MADNESS.

Go HERE to vote with me everyday. It takes into account everyones votes and you don't even have to sign up (bonus)!

Monday, March 17, 2014

You Will Be Known For Doing What You Do

This quote has been in my mind since I read it on Swiss Miss two months ago, and I've been trying to figure out WHAT I want to be known for in this life. I WANT to be known as a freelancer graphic designer who designs websites, brands, blogs (etc.). I WANT to be known for Domaign. I WANT to be known for my creative style, vision, and interpretation. I WANT to be known as a kind, friendly, optimistic person.

But what am I known for, actually?

According to this lovely quote from Jonathan Harris, I will be known for doing what I do. So what am I spending my time doing? Am I doing those things I want to be known as? Am I spending enough time doing them? Am I working hard enough to make a name for myself?

What are you spending your time on?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Introduction to Type

As a graphic designer, I have a huge love for typography. Letters, AH! It's not JUST what they look like, but it's their style, how they're styled, the message they send, and just the aesthetic of it all. Even with my love of type, I'm always very aware of how much more I can learn of typefaces. There is an ocean of knowledge I have yet to have tapped into. Have you ever wondered why graphic designers love text so much? Here is a beautiful short film from SXSW from two of the most brilliant typographers that scratches the surface of why designers love and appreciate type so much. Thanks, Shinji for sending me this video!

Read any good typography books you can recommend?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

White Pants

I have a legitimate question...when are we "allowed" to wear my white pants again? Yes, I know these "rules" are a little silly...but I still wanna know the answer! I know the "rule" of when to stop wearing white pants is Labor Day (and I frequently break that rule...) but when can we start wearing them again?

The reason I ask is because all these adorable white pants outfits keep popping up in my Pinterest and I wanna wear them now!!