Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gratitude List

2013 was kind of a tough year because of THIS but one night in December, as I was talking to m'Lorde, we realized all of the good things that happened in 2013 as well that totally outweighed the bad. You can't forget the bad, but you can choose to remember the good. 

The trick is remembering those good things, it's hard to remember them! So why not remember them on your own, and instead use a gratitude list! This was our holiday card we sent out in December, and also one of the handouts I gave to my class during Domaign's Hand-Stamped Necklace Class, it forces you to write down one really great thing per week, and then when you have a bad thing that pops up, you don't have to strain your head to find the good, it's right there in front of you! I actually printed out two lists for this year. One is in my home studio and the other at my workplace! Print out your own list, and yesterday I filled out number 7, so you're not that behind yet! Just do it now! It will be so nice to have a gratitude list of 52 things at the end of the year! Totally worth it.

If you want to print your own, click on the images below to enlarge and print them!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Domaign: Hand-Stamped Necklace Class

I'm a little behind in posting these...woops! And I also forgot to take photos untili the very end, lame! But I did snag photos of these cute ladies! We had an awesome class, loved everyone's creativity with the phrases they stamped! I stamped "REMEMBER" so I could remember my New Year's Resolutions this year. What would you have stamped on your necklace if you did one?

Dani and Rachael, you girls are awesome, thank you for coming to every class so far! Love you girlies!

I loved this class, so happy to have made new friends and greet familiar ones, too! If you're thinking about coming to a class but we've never met, or you think you will be bad at it...that's just silly!! COME!! The whole point is so we can learn a new skill together, meet new friends, and have a good time! So if you're thinking about coming, stop thinking and COME!