Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. George Love

Oh St. George...how do you seem to make everything better? I love your warmth when SLC is feeling chilled. I love that you are a brief, one-gas-tank, sub 4-hour drive away. I love your carefree lifestyle that makes me feel so alive. I love your classic carousel, your Pizza Factory breadsticks with ranch, and your Fiesta Fun go carts. But most of all, I love your red rocks. This is a photographic ode to you, St. George, and your lovely red rocks that I'm falling head over heels with. Can't we just make this relationship official yet?

If you want to go back to Southern Utah with us in a few weeks (likely camping), holla! We can make it a partay!


Julia Kay said...

i want in!

Jonathan said...

Southern Utah is basically my home! I'm so envious you got to go!

Alexi Bullock Design said...

Julia and Jonathan, let's go!! In a few weeks?? :-)