Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sneak Peek Freelance Design

Remember this inspiration board post? Well today, I'm overly thrilled with to share with you this sneak peek from the same client. Take a look! My client has collected the perfect colored pens and even created her own ink pad to complete the re-brand we've been working on together. I'm dying at this photo of her new items, what do you think? I can't wait to reveal to you all the final design pieces when we are all done!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

50 Things To Do in Summer

How sad is this: in the almost 3 years we've been married, I've NEVER spent a summer in Utah or with my husband!!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved interning in New York the last two summers, it helped fulfill my dreams of designing in new york...however, I am especially grateful and excited to spend my first summer in Utah and with Mr. Bullock!! So since yesterday was the first official day of summer, I decided to make a list (like I did during fall) to make sure I can make the most of summertime 2013. Enjoy!

(Most of these ideas came from my pins on PINTEREST, follow me so I can follow you, too!)

  1. Keep up with my vertical hanging garden I planted.
  2. Go camping on a chilly night.
  3. Go to a baseball game.
  4. Grill some 'bobs on the 'barbie' (healthy style). 
  5. Make healthy frozen treats like this frozen chocolate banana,
  6. these fruity ice cubes,
  7. this watermelon sorbet
  8. and these fruit popsicles
  9. Go on at least one road trip somewhere.
  10. Build my own outdoor couch, if I'm brave.
  11. Create a marquee letter or arrow like this one
  12. Ride my bike to 7 Eleven for slurpees.
  13. Paint my nails in creative ways like this.
  14. Spend time with my nieces and nephews. 
  15. Try making some homemade pickles, I hear they're delish. 
  16. Meet my new neighbors and make some new friends.
  17. Watch fireworks in a stadium.
  18. Host/organize a s'mores party like this or like this, or
  19. an icecream party with icecream cookies,
  20. and an outdoor movie party (anyone have a projector I can borrow??).
  21. Go boating with my family.
  22. Spend time at the Saturday Farmers Market in SLC.
  23. Make my own braided bead necklace.
  24. Keep fresh-cut flowers in my house.
  25. Train for my first marathon ever, the St. George Marathon.
  26. Celebrate 4th of July and Pioneer Day with these treats,
  27. this delicious cake,
  28. and these decorations.
  29. Be spontaneous and go on adventures.
  30. Create a blooming monogram.
  31. Make homemade burgers, they taste so much better.
  32. Recreate my favorite food from NYC, Mexican-style grilled corn from Cafe Habana.
  33. Go on some picnics.
  34. Try planting my own herbs like this to keep them in control.
  35. Make the most American dessert ever, apple pie, this recipe is for two!
  36. Play croquet in our new backyard.
  37. Go hiking in Moab.
  38. Pick your own fruit from one of these farms in UT.
  39. Go to a drive-in-movie!
  40. Create some hardcore cutoff shorts for swim days. 
  41. Go hiking in the beautiful UT mountains
  42. Try some of these campfire dinners for a date night!
  43. Write more thank you notes.
  44. Organize better with this shelving idea
  45. this garden tool idea
  46. and this one for pans
  47. Hang some twinkle lights in my backyard.
  48. Go star gazing with my lover.
  49. Paint a chalkboard wall, or like this one, in my house and write this list on it. 
  50. Create your own summer bucket list!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Team IronDean: Anything is Possible

UPDATE:  He won, he won, HE WON!!!!!! THANK YOU so so so much for all your help!!!!! 

If we are friends on Facebook, then you've already been BLASTED by my requests for your help. Well, I'm asking for it on here, too!

For those of you who haven't followed my Facebook requests, here is a brief overview....

Let's try bullet points for now....
  • Dean Bullock, aka IronDean, was diagnosed with a terminal stage IV glioblasoma multiforme brain cancer in July 2012
  • IronDean never gives up
  • IronDean made it through surgery in July 2012, a fourth of his brain missing, but not even phased
  • He is working, doing rounds of chemotherapy, and working his fanny off like usual
  • He completed a half Ironman in May with 5 of his children, proving his love for Ironman races has not diminished and that anything is possible.
If you want to know any initial story deets, go ahead and click  HEREHERE, and HERE. Or vitis our Facebook page HERE.

My father in law has been going through the treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemo, our family became aware of a competition that allows two people with inspiring stories to gain entry into the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. For those who don’t know, Dean is an avid triathlete and has always dreamed of participating in this race. While this may not be the ideal set of circumstances of gaining entry, we want to do everything we can to get him there.

So here is where we need your help.

Dean has advanced to the final round! However, the votes from the previous round have been wiped clean, so we are starting back with zero votes. That means that starting now until June 15th, Saturday night at midnight ET, we need each of you to vote for his video EVERY DAY, as many times as possible from as many devices as possible...just for safe measure  The results are based strictly on which two videos receive the most votes, so it is crucial that we have your help!

Please spread the word. SHARE and VOTE HERE. Like our Facebook page. It’s simple and we need all the help we can get. Thank you for all the support. We feel and appreciate every bit of it.

Let’s get Dean to KONA!!!!

And just because I think it's extra cool, Dean has been featured in the Deseret News HERE and Here, and was on KSL Sunday, HERE. Check them out, pretty cool stories on him!!