Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pinterest Finds

I posted this color inspiration the other day, and I've found a lot of really beautiful pins on Pinterest along the same color scheme! Gold, coral, pink, rose; how can you not love these together? Take a look at some of my favorite finds!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Martha Stewart's Thank You

I couldn't not say thank you to Martha, am I right? She honestly did so much for me during that lunch, and to sum it all up, she inspired me. So here's the thank you I gave to Martha. Hand placed, hand letterpressed, and one of 10 sets of thank you cards I created. Each card has one letter and it spells out t-h-a-n-k y-o-u. (Original 8-card idea by a classmate, Chris Mann.)

Designer of the Week: Louise Fili

I FINALLY got to try the gelato from one of my favorite New York graphic designers, Louise Fili!! She is an amazing designer, with serious type skills, just check out the fruits of her labor below. Visit her site, HERE. Take a look! 

Oh, and if you ever get the chance to get gelato from L'Arte del Gelato, get it!! (Even if it's Sunday...) It will brighten your day because it tastes good and it looks good too!

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Oh, and this is when I got to meet her last year!! (I do NOT miss my bangs and black hair!)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Holga At The Beach

I hope each of you get to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Away from your phones, computers and Facebook. :-) I'm off to the beach!!

An original photo taken by a film holga camera.

An original photo taken by a film holga camera.

An original photo taken by a film holga camera.

An original photo taken by a film holga camera.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I Almost Died Yesterday

Quite literally. There was a lightning bolt that was JUST above my head that didn't touch down, thankfully, but the thunder came immediately after and was so loud I had to cover my ears and I jumped like a monkey! This was during Wednesday's rain storm in NY that was insane. Look at the pic below found HERE via HERE.

Not cool.

I was right in the middle of that during a light jog to get my mind off of THIS...and got caught in this massive storm with horizontal rain, hail, and lightning! So scary, kinda adventurous and fun, and NOT what I was expecting. But it totally helped to clear my brain and gave me a new perspective of the grand scheme of things. Check out what I looked like before my run, and after. Every inch of me could not have been more soaked. And I was running in puddles up to my ankles at some points! I'm just glad my phone didn't get water in it!

John Jenson a BYU/BFA grad and is so talented. Need proof? Watch this. It's beautiful. HOW he had time for it with a new baby, I'm not sure. But I don't really care because it's so beautiful.

His online profile HERE.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Met Martha Stewart

It's true!! Last week I met Martha, along with the other interns! I'm not a freak about Martha, but I was pretty dang excited to finally meet her. I mean, I've only always wanted to and I finally got the chance! And look, I even have proof. She has a picture of me on her blog post from today! You can see it HERE:

Pretty dang cool, huh?

Also, I would just like to say that he was even better than I imagined her to be! She was charming and charismatic, personable and informative. I loved every second of meeting her and felt myself rejuvenated and renewed. Martha, yes, we are on a first name basis, she told us so, I am forever a fan.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Color Inspiration: #097

How lovely is this inspiration board/color inspiration? Love the mini pies, love the illustrations, love cake. Yummy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Color Inspiration: #096

Team IronDean

Many of you already know this, but my father-in-law has brain cancer.

I know.

A lot to take in.

It's been an emotional roller-coaster these last few days, to say the least.

It's also been super hard to be out here in New York, feeling all alone without my family close by. I just want to be in Utah to support my Bullocks in person, instead of from where I am, 2,400 miles away. But I know that Heavenly Father has other plans for me to be in New York, so I'm trying to make the most of it. The one big way I've been able to help has been through designing the blog for Dean's recovery. The name for this blog is a perfect fit for this man who does IronMan races and is in the best shape of his life! He truly is an iron man as he has already shown how tough he is to begin his recovery quickly. What an inspiration.

This is the design I did for his blog. I wanted it to have a strong, dominant logo that harkened to the IronMan logo. I also wanted it to be able to stand on it's own, but also fit nicely in with the other elements we have going on. As the entire Bullock family can post on the blog as they wish, I added a few elements to make it feel like the online journal that it is, while also bringing out some human elements. Blue is Dean's color, true and true.

I'd love to hear what you think! And PLEASE GO READ THE BLOG (HERE)! It's seriously inspiring.

Warning. Do not read the blog while you're at work or in public. It has magic powers that make you cry uncontrollably!!


Who has slept at the hospital every single night, making so many sacrifices to put his father first. Greg, you amaze me more every day and I'm so proud to have you in my life.

Heath Ceramics

Stunning. Seriously. This company is huge and ever single piece needs to find it's way into my home...course, we ARE homeless right now. I'm in NY for another 3 weeks and Greg's living at his parents (actually, it's more like he's living at the hospital these days) and then when I get home we will officially be homeless! I gotta find housing, stat!! Somewhere in the Sandy to Lehi area near the freeway. Any suggestions?

Anyway, Heath Ceramics. Check it out. These are a few of the pieces that really spoke to me.


Cheap Fonts

Ten Dollar Fonts. Yep, that's right! This is ridiculously cheap, I know! I'm still not sure how I feel about this "ugly" font craze that's happening, but there is definitely something that intrigues me about with these fonts. Take a look at some of my favorites, and head over to the site HERE to see the full store!

What Should I Read?

First off, I am proud that the bible is the top most read book in the world. I'm especially glad that Twilight did not beat it!!! Phew! I found this lovely graphic via SWISS MISS found HERE and it got me thinking...what book should I read next? I need to put down the magazines at the beach and pick up a BOOK! I love getting caught up in fiction books, but all I can come up with are some "help," books.

These are some books I've been contemplating. Any help deciding or other good suggestions?

(One of these DESPERATELY needs a redesign)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love Hate

I feel like this about being in New York without my husband. I love it here in New York interning at Martha Stewart, but I hate being away from Greg.

I can't find the original, but I found these HERE.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Someone In Heaven

My heart goes out to my family and friends. It feels as though I've had a number of people close to me who have lost a loved one in their life. I'm so sorry, and I am thinking of you. Stay strong and remember there are people that love you!

I have found strength in this quote, what do you think of it? I'm selling fine art prints of this quote in 4 different colors. They make the perfect gift to give some comfort, even if it's just a little, to your loved ones to let them know you care about them and are thinking of them. I want you to have the opportunity to share this quote with others, too, if you so desire. You can find these available for purchase HERE.

When you have someone you love in heaven, you have a little bit of heaven in your home.

Know that I am thinking of each of you no matter your trials and hardships. I hope you enjoy this artwork and can spread the message of this beautiful quote to those who you love as well.

Attack of the Supplies

Absolutely loved this installation I found online today, HERE. I would love to see it in person to see all the details he puts into his work. What do you think?