Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Words to Live By: #1333

From The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book comes my first set of original artwork created with ink on paper and graphics. Check back frequently for more Words to Live By posts!

Color Inspiration #064

Senioritis....I DEFINITELY have it!! And I kinda like it when it's here because I get all excited for the future and how someday I'll have a career with real money and a real house and a real Yorkie puppy! But then I have to snap back into reality and remember I have TONS of homework to do and responsibilities for the NOW. Do you have any advice to help keep me focused? I need help!

And to continue my procrastination...here is today's Color Inspiration! It's all over the place with various colors...kinda like my attitude is all over the place!haha In a good way though, I think?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Color Inspiration #063

This is sort of how it looks like outside right now, but it's not this pretty! It's just freezing right now, that's all! Oh, and I love this ring!! Don't you? And speaking of rings, my little brother got ENGAGED this weekend!! I'm so extremely excited for him!!! His fiancé is seriously a sweetheart and they fit so well together! It's weird that my little brother is growin up and gettin married! Is that how everyone feels when their younger siblings get married?

Well, check out the Color Inspiration below and if you like it, please PIN IT! :-)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Color Inspiration #062

First of all, does anyone know how to get rid of this annoying text on my blog? I have no idea where it's coming from, but it's so frustrating! It jumps around and is sometimes on the bottom of my blog and sometimes near the top. HELP!!

Second of all, today's Color Inspiration might be my most favorite of all! The mint color mixed with the mustard yellows just makes me excited about life! I want to drink mint hot chocolate out of that teacup and sit by my sunny window to read a book. Oh, that would be glorious.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color Inspiration #061

Today's color inspiration has inspired my outfit! I chose to wear a turquoise necklace as my accent piece to tie my outfit together. I know..I have swag. And if you pin this on Pinterest, then you obviously have swag too. 

Last Day to Enter

**Update, contest now goes until Feb. 4th, so get them in while you can!**

This is a reminder!! Today is the last day to enter the photography collaboration/contest! Check out the rules to enter on the tab above called Contests and submit your entry by Saturday at midnight! So hurry up! You only have about 6 hours left!!

And in the meantime, enjoy my Holga Photo below!

Taken by my Holga 138 with 35mm film (and not edited at all)

Taken of the Hudson River summer of 2011

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holga #001

I've decided to start a new daily post for Holga photography (that means I have TWO daily posts! Color Inspirations and Holgas, yeeeuh!)! Exciting, huh?? I want to start off by saying that I'm completely a beginner, but I'm excited for this new adventure because it will push me to be creative.

Here's the cool part: these are REAL Holga photos, from a FILM camera! I know film cameras seem almost extinct in a world where we have a camera at our fingertips with our phones daily...but they DO exist! And here's proof!

Taken by my Holga 138 with 35mm film (and not edited at all)

Taken of the Hudson River summer of 2011

Color Inspiration #60

I've heard some really funny "that awkward moment when..." statements today and I thought I'd share with you one of my own. And here it is..haha.. That awkward moment when you're deciding which product to choose at the grocery store, and just as you make your decision, the lady next to you snatches up the last one left. LAME! But it's okay because my orange chicken turned out amazing anyway!! Find the recipe HERE if you're interested.

Speaking of orange...it's the highlight color for today's Color Inspiration! It's one of my more original Color Inspirations; what do you think?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color Inspiration #059

Today's Color Inspiration is the color of treats and it's making me hungry!! Lollipops, peppermints, lemon drops, bubble gum, cupcakes, cake balls, cheesecake and birthday cake... oh no... I'm so hungry now! I want a cupcake!! (Any takers??) Well, maybe I should eat dinner first...

Voyage to Paris

I'm not going to Paris, unfortunately, but after watching this video again, I want to go oh so badly! This little lovely just makes my heart ache for it! Check it out!

Commercial for EF International Language Centers.
Directed by Gustav Johansson (gustavjohansson.com) 
D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf (niklasjohansson.com)
Typography: Albin Holmqvist (albinholmqvist.com)
Music: Magnus Lidehäll (twitter.com/magnusthemagnus)
Produced at Camp David (campdavidfilm.com)
Client: EF International Language Centers
Campaign site: ef.com/livethelanguage

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Color Inspiration #58

Have you ever dropped something in the toilet? Yeah....but after actually GOING? Today...I did.

So NOT ideal.

But what IS ideal is today's Color Inspiration! It's a completely opposite feeling than dropping something in the toilet is...if I DO say so myself.

Toilet  equals  Wedding flowers...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Color Inspiration #057

Today I had a seriously ditzy moment. And to explain it, I need to give a little bit of background about the trouble I've had with my iPhones in the last 6 months... It started last summer when I lost my phone on the subway in NYC. Well, at least, that's where I think I lost it. I was at the New York Botanical Gardens with my girlfriends and between there and my transfer to a different subway, I lost my phone. I THINK it was when I pulled out my book to read on the subway, but I'm not sure! So the next day I bought a new iPhone and have had that phone since August. Well, in October, I was SO frustrated about my iPhone camera! It was blurry and scratched up and just looked crappy! So I got the entire back of my camera replaced. After he put on the back, he realized that the new back he put on was previously cracked. So he said I could either keep the entire new back of my phone for free (the camera wasn't cracked, so I was okay with a cracked back if it was for FREE!!)! So, I did so, and my camera has worked much better since then! BUT...for the last month I've had the same blurry problem!! My camera has been more of a crap-era because my photos were all blurry and dream-like! Not okay for someone with an artistic eye!! So I was just saying to Greg the other day that I've GOT to get this figured out and replace the back of my phone again because I was goin crazy! Well guess what I realized today....Since I replaced the back of my phone in October, I've had a tiny circular sticker covering the lens of my iPhone camera to protect it...and THAT is what was making my iPhone photos blurry!!!! Can you believe it? I'm such a ditz!! And now that I've taken it off, my photos are MUCH clearer and my camera lens is virtually perfect! What a glorious day.

And that is my ditzy iPhone story. We all need our ditzy stories to be human, right?

Enjoy Color Inspiration #057, which is sort of a dream-like blurry photo similar to what my iPhone kept doing, but this is so much better. What do you think?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Color Inspiration #056

Remember the Matt Costa concert posters I designed and posted a few days ago (you can see them HERE), well we went to his concert last night and it was great! One of his most popular songs (and my favorite) is Mr. Pitiful. And I wanted to share it with you, so check it out on YouTube HERE. And as you do so, let it illustrate the beautiful Color Inspiration below full of calming peace that comes with these beautiful cool tones of teals and greens. If you like this Color Inspiration PIN IT, or Follow Me on the right! Thanks for your support!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brand Refresh

I'm officially refreshing my personal brand, starting now!! Goodbye old Color Inspiration design, HELLO to the new, fresh, cleaner (and much cooler) Color Inspirations! No really, go ahead and say Hello! You can do so via a comment and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK of the new refresh. I'd love to hear your thoughts. And DON'T FORGET about the contest going on right now in the tab above called "Contests" where you can submit your own color inspiration photos and win some great stuff!

PS, is it haling right now at anyone else's houses? It's like my house is gonna huff and puff and blow itself down!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Check out the contest in one of my tabs above that I posted on Sunday. It's open for ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS, so spread the word if you know of anyone who would be interested.

Entries are needed by Jan. 31st at 11:59PM.

And..I need an honest opinion here. I am starting to bring back my designer-glasses. What do you think? Can I pull them off? Or should I ditch them?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Matt Costa Live

Have you heard? Matt Costa is coming to BYU! Yes, it's true! And I know this for a fact because I was the one to make the posters for the concert! It was a lot of fun to design a more modern advertisement for this, because many of the ads I do for my job tend to be a little cheesy and BYU-like. But check out the fun, creativeness I got to do for this design! If you know Matt Costa, I think it shows off his type of music well! What do you think? And if you're interested in going to the concert, it's this weekend!! So you better get tickets asap! You can get info on the event at their FB page, HERE! So, I had to choose one color for the campaign, but I really love the other colors I created. Take a guess at which color we went with, dare ya!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Color Inspiration #054

What did you do this weekend? My weekend consisted of watching a lot of football and a lot of driving throughout our parents houses! We watched the San Francisco game yesterday and it was AMAZING!! A game worth re-watching...especially the 4th quarter! But seriously, I'm not a San Francisco fanatic, per say, but Alex Smith is now my hero! The other thing that happened is I found this jewel of a Color Inspiration. The light slate blue is such a beautiful color for a dress like this bridesmaid is wearing and its complementary colors create rich tones that shine like amber colored glass. I love the delicateness of the colors that bring out a vintage love for lace, silk flowers, pearls and a wedding inside a small chapel. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Color Inspiration #053

Today's Color Inspiration inspires creativity and joy. It brings me back to a year and a half ago during my wedding reception. It was the most perfect day in August, it was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. When I think about that day, it replays in slow-motion. There are sugar sparkles reflecting in the sunlight from the cotton candy machine and shades of red reflecting on the grass from my cherry colored balloons. And the turquoise frames that match this Color Inspiration boldly stand out as an accent under the white tents and twinkle lights. Enjoy the Color Inspiration below! And if you like it, share it!!

For your enjoyment, here are a few of those memories from my wedding reception...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color Inspiration #052

Have you heard of Svpply?? It's this BEAUTIFUL website full of awesome products for you to explore and tag! It's kind of like a Pinterest, but this one is more male-gender friendly and has more "design-y" products and less crafty projects, if that makes sense? Well I just created a set of products called "Yellow Love" and it is stuffed full of beautiful products that are all...you guessed it...yellow!! (Which is why I wanted to share Svpply with you...because this Color Inspiration has some beautiful shades of yellow!) Please take a look and my yellow products, they will bring you joy and sunshine; you can see them HERE. I'm still VERY new to Svpply, so if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to utilize this new site I've stumbled upon, please help!! 

On another note. It's been MUCH too long since I've shared a Color Inspiration with you, so here I am breaking that bad habit! Today's Color Inspiration feels kind of like drinking fresh lemonade on a cool summer night. You can taste the tart citrus flavor mixed with your sugar-rimmed glass. The sweetness is icy cool and heightens your senses to your surroundings. You can hear the birds, and hear a light thunder from far away before the rain touches down on the warm cement beneath your bare feet. Today's colors are those citrus yellow tones and cool, thundery peacefulness. Oh man. Now I need to go buy some lemons and extra sugar...

A Little Insight

My teacher is a seahorse whisperer. And he (Brent Barson) is teaching a Motion Graphics class this semester that I'm enrolled in! So he could get to know our class better, he asked us to create an image that answered the following questions:

1. What is your name?
2. What is your major?
3. Where is your hometown?
4. What are your top 3 artists / albums in your iTunes right now? 5. What are your top 3 current favorite websites in any category? 

And instead of telling you the answers, I thought I would share with you my assignment. I believe that even simple assignments are fun and exciting to make because I love graphic design so much! So from this image, do you feel like you have a little extra insight to who I am?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY Terrarium

As promised, here is a posting of how to make a terrarium! I think I'm not the only one who has seen these pop up on Pinterest or blogs lately, right? Here is one link for terrariums that I particularly enjoyed seen on Better Homes and Gardens found HERE. It shows you a great step by step on how a professional does terrariums. I'm a total ammeter, but I'm super happy with how mine turned out! Here are my steps on how to create your own terrarium!

1. Buy your supplies: a few miniature plants (depending on the size of your container[s]), flower seeds, potting mix, pebbles, a spray bottle from Honk's or All-A-Dollar, and your desired glass vase[s]

2. I chose Miracle Gro "Moisture Control" potting mix because it absorbs the extra water in case I over water my plants

3. Add your pebbles to the bottom of your vase

4. Add a little bit of potting mix to your vase

5. Divide up your plants into smaller sections. Hopefully you will have two or three plants in each little pot you buy, separate them so you can add them one at a time in your desired sections

(It's okay if you're messy, just make sure your husband is in the other room when you do this part so it can be cleaned up before he sees the disaster)

6. Add your plants into your vase one at a time. It's gonna look like a jungle, but trust me, it'll look good

7. Try your best to situate each plant so it's vertical, it will be easier on the next step

8. Add extra potting mix into your vase. As you do so, gently press the soil down around the roots of each plant. This will help them adjust to their new environment and stay upright

9. Tame your plants by trimming them down. You don't want it to overcome the vase

10. Water your plants with your new spray bottle filled with water. Watering your gentle, small plants with a spray bottle will be more gentle on your plants than pouring water on them from your faucet

11. Put on your lid (if you have one) and put it in a place where it will get lots of sunlight. Now you shouldn't have to water them again because it will work like its own ecosystem, sweet, huh?!

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