Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Create Wedding Flowers

I have a small business on the side of being a wedding florist!! It is amazingly fun, but I'm just so busy with school and work that I can't do very many weddings during the school year! But I did a wedding this weekend and it was so wonderful! I miss wedding flowers!! I didn't do a wedding all summer because I was on my internship in NYC, so this is the first wedding I've done since I've been back! The bride had green cymbidium orchids, pink roses, pink alstroemeria, and stephanotis (the white flowers) and it turned out so amazing! I loved her light pink and green wedding colors and I was just so delighted at the outcome with it! Creating wedding flowers is the best job you can's just a very time-consuming job (which is why I can't do as many weddings as I'd like to do.) I put together a short video of the process of making these flowers today at home, check it out below!

PS. I am accepting weddings on (non-BYU football) Saturdays, so send me an email at if you need wedding flowers!

Color Inspiration #051

Ole, ole, OLE!! I had a little housewarming party last night (thank you to those who came)! It was a ton of fun to catch up with some people I haven't seen in awhile! And although it wasn't a Mexican fiesta like my Color Inspiration is, it was still a lovely get together! And that's what these colors would describe to me: a lovely get together. We're officially into fall, but the leaves haven't started changing yet so it doesn't FEEL like fall. And it's after summertime, but it's still warm! So these colors are the perfect combo of the fall season and the summertime weather. It's honestly perfectly lovely weather right now and I feel the breath of fresh air from my housewarming party last night is exactly what these colors reflect. Please enjoy my color inspiration for today and I will do my best to post more of these soon! Ole!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mona Lake Gloriousness

A few weeks ago I was almost eaten mosquitos. It was VERY bad!! Don't ever assume that because it's a beautiful day, you should sleep outside your tent if you are by a swampy lake, because you too will be eaten alive by mosquitos! But despite the bug bites, we had a glorious time at Mona Lake! I think it has a real name and it's called something else, but that's what most people know it as--Mona Lake. Since it's only 45 minutes away, it was the perfect escape right before classes started! I should have had these up sooner, but please accept them and enjoy them now! And don't forget to scroll to the bottom and watch the 40 second video of Greg's backflip! It is the first ever iMovie I've ever made and I'm quite proud! 

Is this not one of the prettiest places in Utah?! Ah!

 That's me! I'm kinda hidden in the trees, but I went off the 2nd highest platform! Woo!

Here's the vid of my man, check it out! And hopefully the next video I make with iMovie will be much cooler than this! Music by Ratatat, Wildcat (yes, those cat growls are in the actual song, it's why I chose it!)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


This week has been the color of asparagus. In a good way. Don't think of asparagus as a smelly, crunchy vegetable, or what it does to our bodies when we...ya know...go to the bathroom, hahaha, TMI? Sorry. But think of the actual color: calm, beautiful, peaceful, asparagus green. That's the color that has described this last week for me, and it has been quite wonderful! I feel like things have all been falling together really well! I'm a little worried this may be the calm before the storm, but for now, it's a wonderful feeling! I am getting all (well...most) of my homework done, I'm making dinner every night for Greggers and I, I'm figuring out how to finish the decorating of my new basement apartment and still getting plenty of sleep!! How is this all happening? Last year around this time was wonderful, but really chaotic! I was figuring out the BFA at BYU, figuring out being a newlywed, figuring out which toothpaste I like verses Greg's toothpaste and everything else that was new a year ago! Not that I have everything figured out now, but I have them figured out more than I did a year ago! And life is asparagus green. Enjoy my Etsy find for this week!

01. Woodsy Halo, beautiful headpiece for daily life or a wedding, $58, found HERE; 02. Letterpress Coasters, Chartruse chandelier coasters great gift for friends, $12, found HERE; 03. Triple Knot Necklace, simple, Turkish brass necklace, $40, found HERE; 04. Autumn Clutch Purse, olive and cedar purse with ivory flower, $48, found HERE; 05, Twinkle Lights, petal, fairy lights in shades of green, $66, found HERE; 06. Art Nouveau Silver Ring, personalized with secret message, $54, found HERE

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Foxy Lady

The title of this post is actually supposed to be read, "Fox-ay Lad-ay"! Doesn't that bring a better tone to this post?? And wanna know why that's the title of this post? It's because I am a foxy lady! My husband told me so, so it's true! And I think that every woman should think that they're a foxy lady! Because it's true! I haven't been around on my blog for the last while, I've been through a lot of changes in the last month! It's notable how much has been accomplished, so I have compiled a list for you here:

-moved back from NYC
-put a deposit down on a basement apartment with full-sized windows
-moved into our apartment
-unpacked our boxes
-started working at my same job again
-started school
-figured out all the classes I'm taking
-started making dinner for Gregster and myself
-went boating, twice, with my family
-paid for tuition
-blew out my tire on the freeway
-paid for new tires
-started watching Gray's Anatomy to distract me
-bought a new IKEA loveseat from Craigslist for $50
-got a grill (this is on the top of my list although we have yet to try it out)
-painted our bedroom in fantastic, beautiful gray stripes
-organized a studio space in my new apartment
-stayed on top of my homework

But you know how sometimes when you feel like you've accomplished SO MUCH and then when you think back on all the hard work and projects that you worked on and recount them to someone else, it never seems like you did as much when you say it out loud? I felt like that today when I was bragging that I got my homework done to a friend. The funny thing is, is that this was a unique task for me to complete. I normally float on by by doing my projects the moment they are due because I forgot, or I took on too much for the semester. You'd think by now I'd realize how much I can handle in one semester, huh? You'd also think that I knew how to be a student by now too, since it IS my 5th year here now. I am not ashamed either, because I have accomplished a LOT here at BYU! And although I could go back and recount all of the wonderful things I've completed over my last 4 full years in Provo at college, I know that it wouldn't sound as amazing as it sounds in my head. So let me just say that I've done a lot and learned a lot over the last 4 years. I don't think I've learned how much I can handle in a semester though, because I'm still taking 18 credits and 20 hours of work a week. But THIS YEAR, I'm 90% positive I can handle it. I'm more mature than ever and more driven and motivated because I love my classes this semester! And let me just end this ramble of thoughts with huge bragging rights to say that I have the best major ever. No battle. I will esssplain later.

Please enjoy my foxy lady Etsy finds today featured below! I quite love them, especially those bandits in the top left. Not sure what I would do with them since I don't have any children, but they are still adorable and I want them anyways.

01. Going Hunting screen-printed decorative pillow, $34, found HERE; 02. Coyote natural unisex cologne, $46, found HERE; 03. Gray fox totem figurine at 1 3/4 inches tall, $26, found HERE; 04. Fox Brooch of polymer clay, $35, found HERE; 05. Bandit Fox made from 100% natural linen, $33, found HERE.