Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #059

Joy Burger. I'm so sad I didn't find this place sooner!! It is the BEST burger I've had in New York for these last 10 weeks, and I've had some pretty good burgers! But this one definitely surpasses them all! It has a vintage, 70's style interior with awesome leather chairs and a bar. There's one of those green felt board signs. You choose how well done you'd like your burger. I like that a lot. You get a big, long sliced pickle as your side. And their fries are skinny-homestyle cut. The best part is that they have 8 different sauces to choose from for your burger. My friend got pesto! I got BBQ and garlic-mayo! You get cheese options, too and can choose from American, cheddar, swiss, and feta cheese! It's a place to satisfy your specific burger desires with its many selections! And it's so cute! I also got some really delicious gelato/ice cream from Rocco's after dinner. YUM!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #058

New York Public Library. It was stunning! So iconic with the front steps leading up, and the pillars and the architectural details and the lions! All of these from the outside because, alas, they closed the library right as I got there! There, I said it, that's my confession! I didn't actually go IN the library, but I WILL very soon! I've taken-in the outside and soon I'll take-in the inside, see? I'm just doing it as a 2 parter! But the outside seriously was so wonderful! I sat on the steps and read for a little bit because it felt nostalgic to do so. And I'm really sucked into my book right now! It's the last in the Mortal Instruments series! Totally vampire-y book (2nd confession in this post), but seriously so wonderful!! I love a book I can escape into and this is the perfect one to do it in! Library, I won't disappoint you! I will be back!!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #057

Columbia University. WOW, such a wonderful campus! I didn't realize why people made a big deal about visiting Columbia until I came here, because, WOW! I've never visited a campus that made me feel so scholarly and important. There's a definite richness to this campus, and you can feel the history vibrating through you as you walk on the brick-laid sidewalks and under the large, wise trees. There were details from my latest Design and Architecture screaming out at me that I won't bore you with, but I was so pleased to recognize these details (even if I didn't remember EVERY name)! I thoroughly enjoyed walking on this campus and I recommend coming here!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stuck on an Elevator

No really! On Monday, I was literally stuck on an elevator! The one at my work and, poor thing, it's had it's share of troubles...jk, poor ME!! But it wasn't so awful as the movie Devil (I never saw that, did anyone else??)! BUT, does anyone remember THIS SCENE from one of my all-time favorite movies...You've Got Mail!! Check it out, it's short. The people on the elevator all have these realizations about their lives and how they'd like to change! And I realized, there are a bunch of things about my life I would like to change, too! THIS CLIP has helped me to see the BIG PICTURE! And although I still don't have it all figured out, I think I'll be making a few changes soon...

What changes in YOUR life will you make after you see this clip?

A small change I made recently has to do with the design of my blog to the left and the right! Do you like it?? Check out my Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest links on the right-hand-side, and FOLLOW ME! I'd love to be friends!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Etsy Find - Vintage Gardenesque

01. print of antlers and flowers, very unique and stylish, $30, found HERE;  02. charming chandelier of vintage jars, reminds me of fireflies, $175, found HERE;  03. vintage maple syrup bucket, comes in 2 other colors, $24, found HERE;  04. one to two inch air plants, so adorable and gardenesque, $13.95, found HERE;  05. wicker basket with divisions inside, perfect for drinks at your picnic, $45, found HERE;  06. embroidery on linen, stunning yet simple, 80 euros, found HERE

Monday, July 25, 2011

App Mania

I just found this really awesome website!! I HAD TO SHARE it with you!! It's called App!Collector and it is a quick review of all the best apps for your phone! I have already learned a bunch from it so far, and I'm going to keep on exploring it! Take a look! Find it HERE.

Oh, That's Why I'm Here

Oh yeah...I'm at an internship! THAT's why I'm in NYC! Sometimes I almost forget because I'm having so much fun in the city! I go every week day but I haven't shown anything that I've done since I've been here! One company that my internship, Modern IDENTITY, has worked with is SSP. In their words, here's what it is:

"Student Sponsor Partners addresses the high school dropout crisis in New York City by providing underserved students with four years of college-preparatory education. All SSP students are paired with Sponsors and mentors who offer financial support and one-to-one mentoring, thus making a meaningful impact on their lives."

Anyway, I got the opportunity to create some info-graphics on their website! You can check them out HERE to see all of them, and I've posted some of them below! It's a pretty wonderful program here in NYC and I'm glad I got to help them out in this small way!

Color Inspiration #049

I think we found a house! YES! We aren't going to be homeless anymore after tomorrow (cross your fingers for us until it's official!). We aren't buying a house, we are just renting one, but it's PERFECT for us! It's an Arts and Crafts style house with a covered porch in the front of the house and we would be renting the whole main floor! It's TONS bigger than our last place in every way and we even have a small back yard and a medium-sized front yard! Um, can you say BBQ?! (...except I guess we need a grill first...) I can't say enough good things about this place, but I'll hold my tongue until we have it for sure! (Speaking of tongue. It's SUCH a weird word to spell. It's got that funky "u" out of the blue. Who decided how to spell that word?) But what better image to have for today's Color Inspiration than this one of a shabby summertime BBQ?! These colors of vintage bottles and flowers just send me into a memory-whirl of houses with yards, the smell of grass and dirt, holding hands with a loved one, and playing with nieces and nephews. Can you just feel that emanating from this color scheme?! It's screaming "Summertime BBQ!!" at me right now! The rich, bright colors have such an exciting feeling radiating through the full sunlight that just makes the colors seem even brighter, and I can feel the sun on my own skin as I think about it more. I guess I'll just have to succumb to it's shouts and have one as soon as I get back from NYC!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etsy Find - Black & White

01. perfect accent piece found HERE, $21, 02. love these hand towels found HERE, $18, 03. beautiful print of the coast found HERE, $15, 04. quirky bookends that I want found HERE, $39, 05. beautiful floor length skirt found HERE, $41

Your Next Trip to NYC

For the last two days that Greg was here, we had some more relaxing but wonderful days! Here's what we did and next time you go to New York, you should do these things too! The previous posts will show you days 1-7! Enjoy!

DAY #8

-Explore Grand Central Station
-Walk to the Chrysler Building
-Explore New York Public Library
-Read in Bryant Park on the tables and chairs around the perimeter
-Carve your name into the walls of my favorite pizza place:
-John’s Pizza
-The waiter Rich was SO NICE, he let us skip the 10 groups in line so we could be sure to sit in “our” booth where I wrote g+a=<3 ! SO grateful for him!
-Watch a sports team (We watched the Argentina / Uruguay soccer game) from the pub around the corner
-AWESOME dessert at Blackhound in East Village

DAY #9

-St Peter’s Church
-St Paul’s
-Be sure to visit their beautiful, OLD, cemetery
-Ground Zero Preview Museum (open until September 11th when the REAL museum opens up!)
-World Financial Center where you get a much better view of Ground Zero than on the streets behind the chain-link-fence
-Mets baseball game in Queens
-Crumbs Cupcakes (my favorite is called Squiggles! It’s even BETTER than a Hostess Chocolate Cupcake)

The Empire State Building from street level. SO tall!

Best Soda with pizza, by far!

Gravestones across the street from Ground Zero

New tower going up near the site: Freedom Tower

steel in the museum, one that shows the utter destruction of the disaster as the steel that bent under pressure, and the other with a sculpture of the skyline before the event

ground zero currently

Citi Field stadium! Loved it here!

The sunset after I dropped Greg off at the airport. Beautiful.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NYC Trip

If you're planning a trip to NYC, here's what we did on DAY #7 when Gregs was here:

DAY #7

-Bronx Zoo (We spent 3 hours here and didn't even get to it all!)
-Cafe Habana (BEST food in NYC because it's an amazing, unique blend of flavors! PLUS their grilled corn is DIVINE! In my top #5 foods of all time!)
-Shopping in SoHo
-Vive la Crepe

 SUCH a good day at the Zoo! I would DEFINITELY recommend this!

How many monkeys can you see in this picture??

This Polar Bear was SO cute, he just kept dunking his ball over and over! Loved watching him!

This peacock was just crossin the sidewalk roaming free! NBD!

The BEST food in NYC, hands down! (As you can see from the destruction in this photo!)