Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happenings with Trump

Oh ya know, just ran into Trump! (The Trump Building) 5th Ave is a beautiful area! Check out all that we saw!

Sparklers Make Me Happy!!

Do they make you happy too? You can't tell me they don't. Because I KNOW they do! Sparklers make you happy!! They make me happy!! And although personal fireworks are BANNED in New York (BOOOOOooooooo!!!) they still make me happy! 

I want to find some sparklers though!! Any suggestions where I can find some here in New York??

I took these myself, close depth of field, Cannon Rebel XSI.

Cannon Rebel XSI.

Cannon Rebel XSI.

I took these myself, Cannon Rebel XSI.

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #053

Progressive dinners. I know you can do these types of things ANYWHERE, but this weekend was the first time I've ever done one! And it was AWESOME! I felt so ritzy and cool and like a New Yorker because I knew all these fantastic restaurants to eat at! Our first course, appetizers, was at this restaurant Cafe Habana (and I failed to get a photo of the deliciousness we partook of because I scarfed it down before I could! Woops!). We had grilled corn there!

You know how when you're RREALLY hungry, food tastes even better? Well, while I was here on a school trip with my graphic design major, we came to Cafe Habana on a cold, February, RAINY afternoon. And. We. Were. Hungry. Like, really hungry! We had been slushing through the rain all day, and my umbrella I bought started breaking within an hour (Note to self: never buy an umbrella from China-Town again.), and we were hungry! Like I said. SO, we stumbled upon Cafe Habana and had heard from previous students that their corn was amazing! But, it's corn, right? How amazing can corn be?? We only had to wait a few minutes, thankfully, in the rain until our table was cleared off and we were seated at our table. We smelled like wet dog. (You know the smell.) So we ordered our grilled corn and other food selections, and I splurged and bought the homemade limeade, which turned out to be worth the $3! So when this corn came, it looked delicious! But, again, it's only corn though, RIGHT? WRONGO BONGO!! Seriously, this corn was and still is in the top 5 foods (desserts don't count though, duh!) I've EVER had! This grilled corn is grilled to perfection-juiciness-warmness-et-cetera-ness, then brushed with butter, and covered with this amazing Mexican corn I still can't remember the name of, with chilli pepper to taste, and a quarter lime to squeeze on the top. I mean. So Good!! Please tell me that sounds good. PLEASE!

So after trudging through the rain, smelling like wet dog, gross, we got to sit down to delight in the most delicious thing I had my entire trip in New York! Thank you, universe, for sending Cafe Habana to me. Sincerely.

So part of me thought that the corn was going to taste so good because we were SO HUNGRY, and smelled....gross.... But when we went back this weekend for our Progressive Dinner Appetizer, it was JUST AS GOOD!! (Thank goodness! I didn't want our entire experience to be a fluke! So I LOVE it even more!)

Then we found a quaint cafe restaurant where we all got delicious pesto-turkey-avacado panini's! It was called Cafe Fiat! And for the first time ever, I got to try out this dessert, (our dessert for the evening) which was rice pudding! Rice To Riches. The environment alone was worth the experience! Check out our experience, and I'd love to hear any suggestions for the next progressive dinner we do!

This hand-drawn type on the tiles was so adorable! I just love hand-type!

Look how fun it was! The entire outside was shaped like a grain of rice!

There were funny signs like this ALL OVER the place inside and they were all SO FUNNY!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #052

The Guggenheim Museum. Wow, this stunning piece of architecture was a wonder hidden among the skyscrapers and central park. What an exciting breath of fresh, modern air! The pieces in the museum were really wonderful to look at, but the building itself was the most impressive thing. The only art piece that could have challenged the architecture of the building was a single room with the walls layered with 100,000 one dollar bills. That was pretty amazing! But like I said, the building itself was the best art piece there! As we got off the bus and walked to the museum, out of the blue it was like BAM! There it is!! The spiral curves, the flowing nature of the outside surface, it was absolutely amazing, that's all I can say! I was speechless at the sight of it! The interior was just as beautiful! The glass ceiling details and the large spiral walkway were both so delicately designed and seemed to look exactly as it was intended to look. To do that with any project is an accomplishment in and of itself, but I would go as far as to say that the design of this building was more than that, it was perfect.

Frank Lloyd Wright absolutely knew what he was doing with this building. Please let me know what you think of this building, as well!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #051

Turtles in Central Park. Um, seriously?? While I was on my Saturday run...(okay, Saturday was more of a walk because I got a terrible side-ache right as I started! So....I basically just walked instead)...I found the baseball fields, this beautiful gazebo thing over the lake (someone help me out with the name??), and this turtle!! How cool is that?!

It's amazing how throughout the grimy city streets, there is a haven called Central Park where even turtles can come and dwell within it's boundaries! Thank you New York for Central Park! There is so much beauty there, don't be surprised if you have to read through a few more Central Park posts before I leave. I just love it! I can't help it!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #050

Babycakes. It's a vegan bakery! I went with some of my girlfriends this weekend and we had a great time! We had never tried vegan food before, so we thought we'd start off with foods made up solely of sugar, because then you can't go wrong!! And we were right! They were great! I tried a lemon cupcake, Arien tried their cornbread, Kate tried the carrot cake one, and Amber got the best one...chocolate mint! Yum! I will definitely go back to get the chocolate mint cupcake next time! They were really nice there and we had a great time!

The thing I liked the most about their cupcakes is that each cupcake was like an art! A quaint, beautiful, pastel piece of art. The frosting was molded just so to give it that delicate, "I'm delicious" look! I loved the little tuft of extra colored frosting on top, too! Makes me wanna do that for the next batch of cupcakes I make! Loved them! Love my girls! Love NYC!

Color Inspiration #046

In my humble opinion, yellow and navy are this summer’s colors! The yellow adds that beautiful, passionate PUNCH of color, and the navy keeps things cool, collected, and level-headed. In a way, the blend of having neutrals, yellow, and navy is a very professional color scheme! It’s mature and sophisticated, but the yellow makes sure it’s not bland and boring. Have I convinced you yet that it’s “this summer’s color”? I’d love to hear your opinion about this Color Inspiration in the comments section!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cotton Candy and Red Balloons

remind me of my wedding! And...I've been extra sappy lately, obviously so if you read THIS POST, so I thought I would take the time to watch my wedding video (again). I couldn't help myself!!haha So I'm sure most of you have already seen this video before, but I'm sharing it with you again!

Last summer was a WHIRL! I loved all the stress, excitement and joy of planning my wedding last year! I can't believe Greg and I have almost already been married for a YEAR!! Isn't that AWESOME!!? I think so too, thanks! The best part about my wedding was that I had a the opportunity of planning and doing everything! I had this monstrous plan in my head of what I wanted the reception to look like with a "Vintage Carnival" theme, and slowly but surely, it all came together! I had a lot of help from my mom, sister-in-laws, Greg, and bridesmaids to make it a DIY wedding, and here's all that we did! We made pennants (we used the same fabric as my mom used to make a quilt for me!) to hang from the tent, windmills and signs to distinguish the various things to do, the mailbox, the wooden signs around the outside of my reception, the white tissue ball decorations, the bridesmaid pin-flowers, the vintage, painted picture frames, the "photo-op" wall, and I did all the flowers too!! (I have a little wedding flower business, although it's on hold while I'm in NY for the summer, ask me if you have any questions about flowers for a wedding once I get back!) I'm glad the stress of the wedding is long over, but I'm happy I went through all that planning so I ended up with MY version of a perfect wedding to share with my man!

May you be able to get your hands on a red balloon and some cotton candy this summer! Just think of me when you do, and take a bite of cotton candy for me!

Alexi & Greg from Haugen Creative on Vimeo.

Thank you Haugen Creative for capturing the most perfect moments of my reception!

Free Fonts

Yes it TRUE!! I've had people ask me before, where do you find your fonts?! Well here is an answer for you!

As a graphic designer, I love finding new fonts, especially if they're free and decent, too!! So I found this: Lost Type Co-Op! Its a website of designers who create fonts and put them up on this website! Then whoever wants to can "pay what you want" to download their fonts! In their own words, here is what Lost Type Co-Op says about their website:

The Lost Type Co-Op is a Pay-What-You-Want Type foundry, the first of it's kind.
Founded by Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin, originally in a whirlwind 24 hour adventure to distribute a single typeface, Lost Type has blossomed into a full fledged foundry, distributing fonts from designers all over the world, with its unique model.
Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font, you can even type in '$0' for a free download.
100% of funds from these sales go directly to the designers of the fonts, respectively.
Lost Type takes no cut of sales, and holds no funds.

Isn't that awesome?! I just tried it, and got a bunch of really great fonts for free! Yay! But in the future, and because I'm so impressed, I would feel more comfortable paying even just a little for new fonts next time! Enjoy the cute design of the website, too! Good luck!!

Thanks SwissMiss for the link!

Color Inspiration #045

Sorbet ice cream. That's how I would describe today's Color Inspiration! I just wanna eat it right up! Fruity peach, soft, cold ice cream on my tongue during a humid (again..) NYC day! Ah! I might go get some sorbet ice cream tonight, in fact! I love the gentle tones and the soothing relaxation that happens to me when I see this color scheme! I think it would be fantastic colors for an elegant, graceful wedding, too! Please tell me someone uses these colors for their wedding!! It would make me so so happy!! 

Thank you Green Wedding Shoes for the photo.

Greg and I are....

2,189 miles apart. That’s seriously how far away my Greg and I are! It actually doesn’t seem that far when you hear the number of miles, but is IS! I might get sappy and annoying when I talk about Greg, but it’s because I miss him, okay?! Maybe I’ll drive to see him soon!...except I don’t have a car, there are only crazy yellow cabs here! I know someone who took a cab from Boston to NY, and it was only $4000! …So obviously a cab will NOT work either to go to Utah to visit him! So he is coming here to NY! (On a plane!) He comes not this weekend, or the next, but the weekend after that!! Essentially, 2 WEEKS from TOMORROW!! So I’m waaay way excited! I knew that being separated from my husband for the summer was going to be hard, but it has far exceeded my expectations. I’m great as far as getting around the city goes, I’m safe, I know where to buy my groceries and I carry them home all by myself! But I’m lonely without my Greg! We skype, text, send pics, facebook, ichat, and talk all the time, but it’s just not the same! I still can’t believe that this is our first summer together after being married and it is spent apart! We are going to miss our first anniversary, too! SAD!!! (August thirteenth, mark your calendars!) I know this is where I’m supposed to be and that Utah is where he is supposed to be, but I’ll be happy to be back in his arms though with this nice scratchy beard he’s growing right now!

(Thanks for letting me vent on here a little! Any encouragement about this tough situation would be welcome!)

Here are the pics at work we sent to each other today...MISS YOU Greggy!

If I WERE to take the trip, it's a straight shot!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color Inspiration #044

The Color Inspiration for today is a tropical explosion! The type of flowers are screaming tropical paradise as well as the color scheme! I have some chopstick that is called Tropical Paradise, and that smell is exactly what this color scheme looks like! It is fruity, and humid, yet fresh like oranges and limes. I love how I feel when I see these colors which is bright and happy, yet calm and complete. If you like today's Color Inspiration, photo from Green Wedding Shoes, please repost it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #049

Union Square Farmer's Green Market. I was waiting for a friend at Union Square this last weekend on our way to the BEACH. (Sidenote: I seriously CANNOT get enough of the beach! And I had NO CLUE that there are even beaches at New York! At least, good enough beaches to be an actual BEACH, ya know what I mean? This beach is huge, too! So so great, and it's fulfilling my beach cravings!) As I was at the Union Square Park stop, I decided to wait outside of the subway so I'd have service and to my surprise, there was the Farmer's Green Market going on! I had no clue! But I guess this is a regular occasion! Sweet! So I had a delightful time walking around seeing all of the vendors there! There were cute, speckled fresh eggs, TONS of flowers, fresh meat, fresh strawberries and carrots and onions (which all look really beautiful in the photos I captured below!)

All I know is that if I would have had cash on me, there was a LOT I would have bought! And it may or may not have been a few bushels of strawberries. I swear, I was still a few feet away when the strong aroma of sweet strawberries was wisping through the air! Such a sweet, ripe, delicious smell! I wanna go back and get some even if it's expensive, they look like they're plucked straight from the garden! And I grew strawberries at my parents house one year while I was younger (I really was the only one in my family who, roughly, kept up with gardening and I still miss it to this day!) and those strawberries were small, but packed with flavor and the reddest red! Yeah, well these strawberries at the Farmer's Green Market were like that! Ok, enough raving, and time for some pics!

Color Inspiration #043

Today's Color Inspiration reminds me of the beach at San Francisco. Not in the summertime, but early spring when it's still cool enough you need to wear pants and a light jacket even though you have sand in your toes. It reminds me of the deep blue shades of blue of the ocean bumping up against the pier, and the smell of seaweed and fish at the market. Maybe I need to go to San Francisco again because that description made me miss it! I'd love to run barefoot in the sand looking out into the deep blue water. Doesn't that sound relaxing? Thanks for takin an interest in today's Color Inspiration from Green Wedding Shoes! If you like this Color Inspiration, please repost it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a Genius

No seriously! I have invented (or so I would like to think) an awesome way to make pizza!! It is SOO easy and SOOO delicious! And it's honestly no hassle or stress at ALL! So, here's how you make it....YOU FRY IT! Yes! You fry a pizza in a frying pan! Sound ridiculous? I promise it's not! So here's how you make it! Check out the instructions below and PLEASE try it! I swear you'll be happy you did!

Warm a frying pan on medium-medium/low heat with a drizzle of EVOO (thanks Rachel Ray!) Get some pizza dough from the store; I bought mine at Trader Joe's!! It's pre-seasoned and it's delicious!! Just rip off a chunk big enough to completely cover the base of whatever size frying pan you use. The dough can be as thick or thin as you want it! I like to add a little extra garlic and salt too, but do whatever you choose!

Cook it until the top is bubbly and starts to look like this!

It will look like this on the bottom. You might think this is not cooked enough, and you're right! But we'll cook it more in a bit! Cook this opposite side until your dough isn't dough-y anymore! Just do it by your preference; whatever floats your boat!

Flip your pizza dough back over to the original side and put your pizza toppings on! Feel free to add more fun toppings than I did, but cheese was all I wanted!! I put on some marinara sauce (from a jar, thank you Trader Joe's!) mozzarella cheese, parmesan, and asiago cheese, YUM! Turn your heat down WAY low and wait until your cheese is all melty and delicious!

Look! That's all! And you have a perfect size pizza that you could create to your specifications!! For finishing touches, I added some fresh, dried basil on top!

Take a big bite, and let me know if you tried this and how your pizza turned out!!

16 Handles

Isn't that a cute name? It wasn't me who came up with it, but it's the name of this yogurt place near my apt here in New York!! And it's awesome!! (I swear all I ever talk about or think about in this city is's really bad!hahaha but sooooo GOOD!!) 16 Handles is very similar to YoZone (all you Provo-nians) and also similar to DOZENS of other places in Provo, but this 16 Handles place was JUST AS GOOD! And it felt like a little piece of "home" in Provo! So, you choose your cup size, then you choose whatever flavor (or flavors! Cuz you can mix and match to your heart's desire!), then you choose your toppings, whatever and however you want them! And you do all of this yourself so you can make it all cute, or cram it in your cup all sloppy-like, because it's YOUR frozen yogurt! So then, as you pay, you pay by how much is WEIGHS! Genius, right?! The best thing was....that the yogurt was seriously AMAZING!! It might have been my combo: Birthday Cake Ice Cream + Coconut Cream Ice Cream + Cheesecake Bits + Strawberries + Cupcake Crumbles = DELICIOUSNESS! Seriously! And what made the ice cream taste even better was the atmosphere of this place! It was modern, with awesome color-changing lighting, and sweet seating areas sectioned off in the perfect ways for however many people you came with as WELL as seating outside! Seriously, they have thought this ALL THROUGH! I was really impressed!! Check out their website HERE and my experience at 16 Handles below!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favorite Quote: #002

I thought that this quote was so wise and so true! I cannot be lazy and bored and comfortable. Ever. I need to always keep going, stay active, and be curious! If I can pay attention, then I will go places! Join me??

One Angry Bird

I don't know about your lover, but as soon as my Greg got a hold of this, he was OBSESSED! I mean, he plays this all the time! He finishes every level, with three stars every time, and can't put the game down! So I wanted to share this little live game that I found at Double Jones this morning! Yes, a LIVE GAME!! Fun, huh? I wish I could have been here for it! And maybe if Greggy could play it LIVE he'd realize how much more fun playing it live is and he would never play it on his iPod or iPad again because it would never be as satisfying as live! ...this is my evil plan, make him play a live session and it will be goodbye to digital Angry Birds FOR EVE R (thank you Sandlot.)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Felt Like A Kid Again

Last weekend was a VERY hard weekend. I lost one of my most favorite guy friends over the weekend who was my middle school and high school class president for 5 consecutive years! He was such an amazing person who inspired everyone in his path to give service to those around him through his wonderful example. When I found out the news that he passed, my friend and I decided to shake things off by indulging our inner kid! We went to three amazing fun kid places that had toys, candy and desserts! What more could I ask for on a night of sorrow to help cheer me up?! FAO Schwarz, Dylan's Candy, and Serendipity's! I couldn't have asked for better things to do to help balance out the heartache I felt about my good friend. I need to go back to these places to explore when I'm in a more cheery mood! For all the pain I felt last weekend, I thought it was a pretty amazing night! Because I felt like a kid again!

THIS is FAO Schwarz candy section...amazing!

They also had a Harry Potter section, which I was obviously THRILLED about!! Woo!

Can I get this?? ...not sure what I'd do with it, but I want it!!

For those who know me, I LOVE elephants! They're so cute! I almost brought this little guy home with me!

Look at these Logo people!! So cool! 

Like I said, I felt like a kid again! A Statue of Liberty Barbie! Love this!

hahahaha loved this idea!

This is the exterior of the Apple Store, INC. open 24/7!! Soo beautiful!

Take me to Candy Heaven please!!

There was actual candy laid into these stairs! Such an amazing idea and looked way cool!

I have heard how wonderful Serendipity's is, but it wasn't until I experienced it until I REALLY knew what people were talking about!

Most amazing thing ever. Frozen hot chocolate with extra cream and chocolate on top. Yes please!!