Monday, May 30, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #031

Lexington Ave! I like seeing my name places, I feel famous!! Although my name is not Lexington, I go by Lex sometimes! So this was a fun stop to experience today!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #030

Brighton Beach! Oh man, I LOVED it here! Yes, it was crowded, and cigarette smokey, and the water was freezing...but despite all those odds, I LOVE THE BEACH no matter what!! I love laying out and reading and feeling the sun on my skin! It was simply wonderful and such a great way to start off the week ahead!! I'm happy I am so close to the beach, and I'm excited to try out some of the best beaches while I'm here! If anyone wants to suggest which beaches I should try, let me know!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #029

Subways above the ground. I realized today on my way to the beach that the subways are not always underground! Who knew?? Not a Utah girl like me! Until today at least, and it was really great! I had cell phone reception, which was great, and I also had a good view! It was really pretty crossing the bridge where I got this view below! Enjoy!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #028

Paying for my laundry... Ok, not my fav thing, but necessary when I don't have a washer/dryer!! $6 down the drain!! It was only a block away, so at least I'm lucky it's close! The cute Chinese lady there was really funny!! I'm excited to get to know her and her witty remarks!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #027

Alice in Wonderland. I went to Central Park with Amber and it was our purpose to find this very statue! But we didn't know where it was, and we got distracted along the way! But just as we were leaving, we saw it! It's very adorable! I'll have to go back when it's lighter outside so I can get a better look, though! Lovely statue!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #026

Remote control sail boats. How cute are these!!? They were in Central Park and I totally want to do this when Greg gets here, it looked so fun! Although I might want to just ram mine into his like sumo wrestling... Anyway, they were about 2-3 feet high, so they were pretty small, but they were awesome!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #025

Cute fire truck stations. The worst part about this is that it's annoying to hear sirens all over the city, at all hours of the day and night, but I guess it's worth it since they keep our city safe...(Our city?? haha, like I'm a real New Yorker? Yeah right!! At least not yet!!) But the other great thing is we get cute fire truck stations like this one below!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #024

Cafe Lola. If you don't know what it is, watch You've Got Mail and you'll see this restaurant in the movie! We weren't hungry when we stopped by, but their fruit pizza looked delicious! And it has fruit on it, so it's healthy, right??

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #023

Max Brenner. It's a person! AND a restaurant! (Find it HERE.) And it was SOOO delicious! Best dessert I've had so far! It's a chocolate store, you can have food there, as well as desserts, or hot drinks or shakes, and I got an ICE CREAM SUNDAY! It was a S'more ice cream sunday! It was chocolate gelato, peanut butter graham, vanilla ice cream, topped with a golden marshmellow top, with thick whipped cream and a vanilla chocolate ganache on the side. Sooo good! Please go there if you have the chance, I loved it!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #022

Madison Square Park. I love little parks like this scattered around the city!! When I stumble upon one, it's so refreshing to walk through it if I have the time! There's a Shake Shack in this square, and the line was HUGE, but it is on my list of things to do to stand in that line and have Shake Shack at Madison Square Park!! But, for now I just saw it, haha, and I also saw this cool art installation! It was a 40-foot marble statue! It was so trippy! Very cool, though! Enjoy!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #021

Grand Central Station. In a building where everyone is hustling and bustling, I'm grateful that I had the time to calmly walk around and see this beautiful building for what it was...stunning. Please go, slowly walk around, take pictures for people who are trying to do it themselves with their short arms, and look up at the ceiling. Just do it.

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #020

Cute exterior building details. I really love this about New York!! I will probably have a few different posts about this, because these details are EVERYWHERE! But here are a few that I found today and yesterday that were really unique and exciting to see! Enjoy!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #019

Film crews are no big deal. Yesterday, I was minding my own business, walking on the streets to find a Bath & Body (which was actually kinda frustrating, b/c it was the first time my iPhone failed told me there was a Bath & Body on 34th street...but there WASN'T!! It was actually on 42nd street! So I had to walk a bit further than I was expecting...anyway...) so as I'm crossing the street, I see SIX of these film production crews carrying all this equipment! I saw those producer chairs on a cart as well, and they all said White Collar on them, and I found this trailer for it! I guess it's a TV show!! Has anyone seen it?? Looks pretty decent! I guess they were doing something for it right then, or at least changing locations, but in New York, I guess that's a normal thing to see because no one else stopped to gawk like I did!! Check out the trailer I found HERE.

P.S. Speaking of films, I also saw MATT DAMON somewhere else. NBD.

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #018

Ornate ceilings. This is something I feel like I don't see very often...ceilings are normally plain, popcorn (in the case of my grandparent's house) or that splat-texture all over the ceiling, you know what I mean, right?? Well I looked up at the ceiling yesterday while waiting for...yup, you guessed it, the SUBWAY and look what I found! Beautiful, ornate ceilings! Awesome! Enjoy!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #017

4 story Old Navys. I mean, I like it, but it's not like I am crazy about Old Navy or anything, but the fact that everything is built UPWARDS in New York and this Old Navy was HUGE even for just one story, but the fact that it was 4 stories?? That's insane! Only in New York!! They had a great sale this weekend!!! So I bought a cute black tankini top to go with 2 black-ish bottoms I already have and I also found the cutest one piece that's striped navy and red, it was SO adorable!! Check them both out below, as well as my photo to go along with the Reason Why I Love NYC #017!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #016

Waking up laughing. I can't remember when I've done that! I'm sure it's happened, but not in a long time!! But this morning, I started giggling from something random that happened, and my roommate started giggling too, and then it undulated to this roaring laugher between the both of us! Everytime she laughed, I would laugh, then she would laugh! It was so random, but so liberating! I was lying on my back, laughing and crying I was laughing so hard! That was a very good morning, and the last time I can remember that happening was never…so it must be New York!

**Disclaimer**laughing is not an indication of my happiness, just because I don't normally laugh right as I open my eyes doesn't mean I am not a happy person**

On another note, I found a really fantastic illustrator named Owen Gately and you can see his stuff HERE. Please check out the awesome illustrations I came across through his WEBSITE below! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #015

Ugly signs. There are grubby signs like this one all over the subways and I love them! Just like I like dirty things, these kinds of signs fall in the same category. I dunno why, maybe the texture, the layers, the grungy colors? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy this ugly sign as I do!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #014

Modern Identity. This is where my internship is for the summer! You can check out their website HERE and see what they're all about!! I've really begun to enjoy it! I've been doing things everyday! And the only chore they've made me do as the intern so far is to get the mail everyday--and that's not so bad! It's a small studio and I'm SO HAPPY that it is!! I wanted to go to a big firm a few months ago, but yet again, God knows more than I do, so he sent me here so I can have the best opportunity possible! I'm glad, too, because I've been able to do actual work everyday since I've come! Awesome!! Today was very calm and quiet at work, but I'm happy there. I'm happy. The photos below is the quaint studio where I spend 40 hours a week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #013

Dirty things. Oh man, that came out wrong, too! But I really like dirty things because I think they are beautiful! I LOVE rust, things that are pealing, tearing, grungy, scratched...I don't know what it is, but I thing there's a real beauty to it all! This wall's paint was flaking off EVERYWHERE and it was so splendidly beautiful! Am I crazy??

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #012

Italian men. That came out wrong.... I mean, OLD Italian men. Yeah, still sounds odd. All I mean is that there were some old Italian men who were playing dominos in the park and arguing in Italian about the game and waving their hands around in rage...oh man, they were adorable! I wanted to adopt them!! I found the edge of Littly Italy today while I ate my lunch, so I'll explore deeper into that part of town, SOON!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #011

MAC BAR! I had lunch here today, and it was adorable! Designed really well, small, and I had to wait longer than I thought, but TOTALLY worth it! Especially since I got it to-go and it came in this little macaroni pod! How awesome is that?! And just LOOK at that macaroni! Is your mouth watering like mine is?! I'm so happy I only ate half so I get the rest tomorrow for lunch! Thanks Amber for telling me about this place in SOHO!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #010

The Best Chocolate Cake in the World. No really, that's what the place was called! And it seriously was AMAZING!! I'd have to compare this cake side by side with P.F. Chang's DEATH by chocolate cake cake, but it was completely fantastic! Had some layers of mousse, so delish! In SOHO as well! A+ Dessert!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #009

Viva la Crepe! This place was SO clever and SO delicious! Seriously! I had the #6, which was turkey, gruyere, mushrooms and tomato basil sauce. I HIGHLY recommend this place! In SOHO! I asked the lady, "How do you eat this?? Like an upright sandwich?" "YUP!" "Cool, ok!"

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #008

Random old buildings! We asked the two, yes TWO, doormen what was in this beautiful building, and it's for residents! People live here!! VERY rich people, I'm sure, because it was splendid!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #007

Beautiful sunsets! Even through the skyscrapers, I could still see the beautiful colors.

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #006

TRADER JOE'S!! Seriously, cutest grocery store I've ever been to!! I totally loved it!!! And it was as cheap as Utah grocery stores! And out of the blue I had this euphoric/happy/excited/beautiful/I-LOVE-NYC feeling, and it made my experience all the better! I love you Trader Joe's!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #005

Random one day festivals RIGHT outside my apt door! Literally, right outside!! I didn't get anything, but it was fun to walk around! The food smelled SO delicious! I can't wait to try more while I'm here!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #004

RATS in the subways!! Hopefully this is the only place I'll see them!! I know you can't really see this in the picture, because that gross thing was FAST! It's in the middle and on the left side of this photo... I am totally grateful that my apt is very clean and pretty new! I won't have any troubles with this!!

Reasons Why I Love NYC: #003

Running into someone I haven't seen in 7 years!! Is that not CRAZY or what?? The best part is, that my friend works at the MET and got us in for free! He also took us to the front of the 2 hour line for Alexander McQueen's exhibit! SOO lucky and grateful for this guy! The funniest part is that we were literally talking about him with my family THE DAY before!! Crazy! Thank you, Benny!!