Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Color Inspiration #034

Sometimes a little twang is all you need! This color inspiration is subtle, but beautiful!

Fantastic Ending to a Bad Night

Not tonight...this was awhile ago. It was a bad night because of a specific game that my team lost...can you guess which one or who my team is??

Never Forget:

Color Inspiration #033

I hope you enjoy this vintage bouquet inspired Color Inspiration. Let me know what you think with a comment!

Tuesday Night Fun

What do we do on Tuesday nights? Yeah, we go to the dollar theater and play on the games while we wait for the movie to start..because we're cool like that. Enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Landscapes by Blue Lily

I'm not usually a fan of landscapes. They don't usually excite me too much, not quite sure why. But these images from Blue Lily Photography BLOW MY MIND! Check them out below!

Color Inspiration #032

Enjoy this Texas Wedding Theme for today's Color Inspiration below! Let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I surprised Greg by making these mini Easter baskets below! I had to fill them with candy, so while Greg was grocery shopping with his friend, I took the other car and went to the SAME grocery store to fill the baskets with candy! I got to the store and he was right there! I had to dodge behind people until he went to a different aisle! I bought the candy, and went back home to finish the mini Easter baskets I made!...except...that when he came home, he was so quiet that he waltzed right into the room out of the blue and saw me finishing the baskets! So...the very adorable surprise I did for him for Easter was RUINED! Rats. So that's why I'm posting these now and not tomorrow because I couldn't wait to post about them! Enjoy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fruits of NYC

I discovered one of the fruits of NYC today (I'm still in Utah) when I came across the latest work by Louise Fili! Now, if you are NOT familiar with who she is, please do so. She has done a LOT of work that is stunning and wonderful! When my major here at BYU all went to NYC just over a month ago, we got to visit Louise Fili while we were there and it was AMAZING! SHE is amazing!! So so talented! She was working on a poster while we were there, and I guess she JUST finished it! And it's beautiful! Check it out below and also her inspiration for it!

Her inspiration for the job is the Subway mosaic tiles in the Subway! Check them out below!

Tiled signage at the Franklin Avenue subway stop. Photo by Paul Shaw.

Tiled signage at the Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn College Subway station. Photo by Paul Shaw.

Below are detail shots of the fruits of Louise Fili! SO beautiful!

All photos courtesy of 

AND DON'T WORRY, when we visited her studio, I got a PICTURE with her!  Booyah!

Freebies2Deals: Favorite Deal of the Day

Have you heard about the PASS OF ALL PASSES?? It's amazing! And we have one!! I can't WAIT to use it at Seven Peaks this summer! Here is all that it includes:

  • Seven Peaks Waterpark
    • Unlimited admission to the park on days of normal operation
    • A 3% discount on food in the park
  • Trafalga Fun Center, Orem
    • Unlimited Mini Golf
    • Unlimited Slick Track
    • Unlimited XD Theater
    • Unlimited Batting Cages
    • Does not include arcade tokens
  • Trafalga Fun Center, Lehi (formerly Liberty Land)
    • Unlimited Outdoor Mini Golf
    • Unlimited Indoor Blacklight Mini Golf
    • Unlimited Laser Tag
    • Unlimited Slick Track
    • Unlimited Bumper Boats
    • Unlimited Rush Coaster
    • Unlimited Rock Climbing
    • Unlimited Carousel
    • Unlimited Frog Hopper
    • Unlimited Kiddie Area
    • Unlimited Pirate Ship
    • Unlimited Train & Airplane
    • Unlimiited Drop Tower
    • Does not include arcade tokens
  • Orem Owlz Games (at Brent Brown Ballpark)
    • Unlimited General Admission Tickets (one per home game per pass)
  • Utah Flash Games(at McKay Events Center)
    • Unlimited General Admission Tickets (one per home game per pass)

    SEE?? SUCH an awesome deal!! And, they're on sale right now for $39.95 which is SUCH a steal! You can find the deal on and find the specific post about the Pass of all Passes HERE! CHECK IT OUT! And let me know if you get one so we can go to Seven Peaks together this summer!!

Easter Success

We did it! We did our Easter Egg Decorating get together! And it turned out fantastically!! We ended up using my mom's collection of glitter! So they were sparkly and beautiful! Our friends below are Allie and Alex, and Matt and Kelsey, and Greg and I! Take a look at our adventure!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Invitation

It's so fun being married! I love it! Especially since I've found some WONDERFUL married friends that live(d) in my apt this first 2 semesters of my married life! Seriously, they have made it a BLAST being married and having friends to play with!! So in thanks for those friends, we're decorating eggs tonight at our house! So, for the Holbrook's, the Hymas's, and Phillips's, see you tonight! And to get you excited for the small event, here is a simple invite to spice it up and get you stoked!

This was for the girls!

This one was for the boys so they felt like it'd still be "cool" to come. 

Here are some ideas for Easter eggs I've found at Design*Sponge! Check out the ideas below!

DIY: Picnic Suitcase

So, for awhile I've seen some picnic baskets that are adorable!! They hold all of your utensils and supplies for your picnic and they're ADORABLE! Take this one for example from Williams'll die (at how cute it is and how expensive it is!)

Sooo cute, right?? But it's $349.95 w/o tax!! Ah! Check it out HERE.

And then I see a cute basket from Target which is AWESOME, too! Really adorable too, but still...pretty expensive!! That one looks like this:

Super cute, right?? But THIS one is $169.99, (HERE) which is WAY more than I want to be spending on something like this!

But THEN, I see this amazing, affordable and amazing idea for a DIY picnic basket that blows my mind away! I WILL do this project! I should just probably wait until I have the funds to do so. I found it at and I couldn't be more happy with what I saw! Look below at the pics and see how you can create your OWN DIY picnic basket for a very reasonable price!! Check it out HERE or look below! Enjoy! 

Soo cute, right?? If anyone wants to put in the time to make one of their own with me, please comment below and we'll do it together!!