Sunday, February 27, 2011

Outside My Apartment

I have these little bush/trees outside my apartment, and everytime there's any sort of precipitation, they look SO PRETTY!! Especially in these picture below with the railing and parking lot behind it! ;-) But look how cool this snow was from yesterday morning and the rain from earlier this week! It's amazing how there is such beauty right outside my apartment if I only open my eyes and look for it! Anway, Hope you enjoy my photos!

Greg's Surprise Birthday!

Okay, so last weekend I organized a surprise birthday for Greg! He's now 23! I wanted a theme, and since he is lovin his mustache lately...I made it into a surprise birthday party MUSTACHE style!! Take a look at out fun it turned out! I know it seems ghetto that we went to McDonald's for it, but it was a BLAST! Take a look below! Enjoy!

So these are the little mustaches I made to bring to his get together! He had NO IDEA I was doin all this stuff behind his back! I feel bad because I was basically lying to him for an entire week!! ....but it was worth it!!haha

Look how surprised he was! He seriously had no idea! I blindfolded him and drove around in circles in a parking lot, and so when we got to McDonald's he had NO CLUE where we were! Even though we were just down the street! So when I un-blindfolded him, he was shocked b/c all his friends were there! YAY!

Some of our friends who came! Look how cute those mustaches are!

Greg, happy birthday, again, and I love you!! And Greg?...If you do a surprise party for me next year...please do NOT make it a mustache theme ;-)

New Recipe!!

Wow!! You have GOT TO TRY THIS!! It is seriously so delicious!! We had dinner over at our friend's house this weekend, and this is the dinner she had and it was so great! AND, I have given you a free download! Just click on the link and you'll have it! Enjoy!

download here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anthropologie Displays

Have you been to Anthropologie lately?? Last time I went they had some of the cutest displays!! They are so creative!! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites, so check them out below! Someday, I would love to work there, and then I could KEEP all these beautiful displays once they're uninstalled!! Take a look and enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Favorite Recipes #001

Mommy's Homemade Lemonade! It's to die for! Thanks mom!! Check out the recipe below and enjoy!!

It helps to microwave your lemons for 20 seconds before you squeeze the juice out!

Look at all these lemons!!

Make Your Own Candle

Can I share with you something sooo simple?? Making candles in teacups!! I did it for my tea party last week and they all turned out fantastic!! Take a look at the instructions below so I can show you how easy AND fun it is! Especially with the final product!! Enjoy!!

First, buy candle wax (I used soy wax!), prepared candle wicks, the scent of your choice (I did sugar cookie!), and some adorable containers like the tea cups me and my friends used!

Next, measure out un-melted wax 1 and 3/4 times for your specific tea cup and dump that in a double boiler on your stove.

The pan that held the wax was a pan I bought from D.I. for $1.50 so I didn't have to worry about ruining my nice pan. And it worked great!!

Melt the wax on medium high until all the wax is melted! 

Stir it as needed to help the wax melt evenly.

(I used a wooden spoon, but remember that it will be difficult to get the wax off when you're finished, so don't use your nicest spoon!)

Now, add the scent you choose! It will say on the instructions of the scent you buy how many drops to add. 

I ended up using about 14 drops per teacup, but it depends on your preference and the concentration of your scent!

Prepare your teacups before hand by glueing your wick to the bottom of the teacup.

Then use skewers to secure your wick in place by taping the skewers to the top of your teacup.

Use foil and paper to create a makeshift funnel to gently pour your hot wax into your teacup.

Make sure you have someone hold the funnel securely in place before pouring the wax!

Wait a few hours and your wax will be settled enough to move! It won't be completely firm for 48 hours, so wait til then to light your wick for the first time!

There you have it!! Wasn't that fun and don't they look cute!! Let me know if you need help of have questions!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Inspiration #013, #14 & #15

Here's a little weekend treat for you...some more color pallettes!! YAY!! Oh, and btw...why do people number things out of order?? I see some blogs, and they are just pulling out numbers all willy nilly-like....WHY do they do that?? I just don't get it! I would much rather have my blog orderly, which is why I've been doing my Color Inspirations in numerical order! Yes, I know I only have 15 now...but soon I will have MANY! And they'll ALL be in order!! Booyah! Anyway, check out these new ones and enjoy!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Vintage Poster

Where have I been?? NOT HERE, obviously, and by here I mean being more involved with the lives of my fellow classmates. Hello?? I'm with them more than anyone else, practically! Sometimes even more than my dear husband, which is seriously so sad, but sometimes true! Anyway, it was just brought to my attention that my friend Sara in the Graphic Design BFA with me here at BYU has an ADORABLE website called A Vintage Poster where she sells the cutest, well-designed, and inexpensive posters! They're so awesome!! If we had more money I'd buy one of each! (Seriously though, they're so cute!!) But PLEASE take a look at her website here and look at a few examples of her awesome posters below! Enjoy!

OBVIOUSLY, this describes me perfectly...haha

I would LOVE this one in watercress color (did I mention she has 25 color options for EVERY poster??)

THIS poster should be imbedded in my brain...I put things off way too much!

OH, and this has nothing to do with anything....but btw...a bird just flew and hit the window.....SOOO funny!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kara Shurtliff Photography

It's been about a week now (how I even MANAGED to last a week without blogging is mind-boggeling...) BUT, I'm back now and want to show you what I finished up today!! It's a blog/website header/logo that I did for a freshman friend of mine, Kara Shurtliff! She is a BFA student at BYU and is graduating in APRIL! (So jealous!!) She is SOOO talented though! Check out some of her work below and here! PLUS the logo I did for her! I think it fits her perfectly! (She'll have a new website coming up this week, too, so I'll let you know when that comes up!!) Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Color Inspiration #010

Beautifully Neutral

Isn't this house just stunning?? I found it over at Bryn Alexandra's blog, so take a look over there!! But this house is just stunning! So take a look at it and tell me what you think! I know it's "bad" to say "Someday..." but...Someday, I'll have a house bigger than my current apartment and I'll be able to organize and design it as beautifully as this! Anyway, enjoy!