Monday, January 31, 2011


Don't you feel like Monday's are filled with a bunch of To Do's?? I DO!! And I wanted to share a a few (NOT all of them) of my to do's throughout last week. I accomplished most of them, and some are just notes, but I swear, life is SO BUSY! Will it ever be more simple?? Want the quick answer?? No. But look at the "art" of these to dos and let me know if you have some as well you wanna add to mine! Enjoy!

Do you write as many to do's as me??

Chic Calendars So You NEVER Forget Those Dates!

Color Options

INTRODUCING: "Your Date Reminder"!!! Technically, they're not calendars, but it is a Date Reminder that you can fill with the most important dates to you and your family! And then, you can reuse this Date Reminder each year so you will never forget those dates!! 

SPECS: They are 4 1/4 inches wide, 11 inches tall and printed on Strathmore Script, Ultimate White 88 lb Cover Paper with a pinstripe texture to give the ink that "chic & vintage"  look and feeling. They're only $20!!! "Your Date Reminder" also makes a great gift for everyone, so feel free to buy extra copies for your spouse, children, friends, neighbors or that special person in your life! Check out the calendars below and enjoy!

There are TWO OPTIONS, color (left) and black & white (right)! 

They are each only $20 which is a great investment since you will keep it for years!

Click on any of the photos for an even closer look!!

Here's the checkout below, it's really easy, THANK YOU for helping me out!!!

Color Options

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So...I'm doing a party with some old roommates of mine, and I'm REALLY excited for it to happen!! SO excited that I made an invite and emailed it to all those girlfriends of mine! If it's a success, then I might do it again! Anyway, please take a look and tell me what you think! Enjoy!

We're also doing a craft from Project Wedding and it's REALLY easy! I'm so excited about it, so I want to share it with everyone!! Please take a look at this photo tutorial

The EVIL Comic Sans

Are you guilty of this charge? PLEASE promise that you'll take a look at this website, it will completely MAKE YOUR DAY! Promise!! Enjoy!

Also, a shout-out to Kim at Third Floor Design Studio, she is so talented, you seriously need to take a look at her stuff!

ALSO, please watch this video, it's so clever and SO true. SO true. I found it from my girl Julia! Thanks!

Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?? What IS graphic design?? How can you define a thing like that?? It's like asking the owner of a company to define all of the different aspects of his job...maybe that's not the best definition. .. but do you understand how defining something that you have complete and utter passion for is difficult? I KNOW, right?? Anyway, I found an artist named Colin Harman who has defined Graphic Design in his own words and you can check it out below! He also had another great poster that I couldn't help but post as well, take a look and enjoy!

I love the chunky glasses part, that is so awesome!

 Brilliant. And you can buy those posters here!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Feature: Third Floor Design Studio

Hello! Have you heard of Third Floor Design Studio?? Well, it's your lucky day because I'll get to tell YOU all about it!! It's an interior design blog by my friend's wife, Kimberly Moore and she's brilliant! So check out her blog here and I'm going to let her tell you about herself:
"My name is Kimberly Moore and I proudly claim Seattle as my home! The indie, organic, down to earth, but sophisticated NW scene is a big part of who I am. I love where I am in life - there are so many exciting changes and opportunities around me! I recently got married {November 2010} to the most amazing guy (you know the hubs) and couldn't be happier! We both have a love for traveling and new cultures {which I try to bring into my designs when I can}. We live in your typical married college housing, a.k.a. small, but we've made a darling home of it. I call it our little apartment fit for two. 

"The blog: Third Floor Design Studio has been a long time in the making. Basically, late one night as I was feeling overwhelmed at the sight of stacks of design mags, fabrics, and paint chips, I realized I needed to put all of these resources in one place {preferably one that would take up less space!} I loooovvveee to throw together inspiration boards and draw up room plans and it finally hit me that all of this could be online. Is it obvious that interior design is my passion?! :) So I started the blog...and was. in. love. 

"In April I'll be walking in that cap and gown as a graduate from BYU with a degree in interior design! My passion for the trade has only grown as I've learned everything from the history of design to color theory to budgeting your projects. I've gained so much experience from working with amazing professors {who are well-versed in the field}. 

"I couldn't let all of this design knowledge + my little bit of creativity go to waste! My goal for this blog was to create a place for anyone with an interest in design to come look, shop, be inspired, and learn! My Inspiration Boards are a great way to see the elements of a room pulled together. My Tuesday Tips share D.I.Y. projects and simple tricks of the trade. Then, of course, there are lots of pretty pictures of rooms in-between! As my design business gets underway, Third Floor Design Studio is a great place for me to share this talent with others. 

"I find so much happiness in helping others feel inspired and empowered to design. Whether it is through my blog alone, a simple question, or the services that I can offer, I'm always willing to help" 


THANKS KIMBERLY! Check out her blog here and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It came!

Um...LOOK WHAT CAME TODAY!! Dude, I am SOOO SO happy and excited to have my new Holga camera!! It is beautiful!! And more than that, I can't wait to play with it this weekend!! Luckily, I had an interview with a photography major and he told me about this awesome website that saved me a TON of money on this Holga package!  Check that our here! I would have spent TWICE as much if I had bought it somewhere else! So it was SO worth it!! The website has a HORRIBLE design, but the quality and prices of the products they sell is SO worth it!!! Anyway, look at my fun new stuff! Enjoy!

I made these tags for my lenses and I think they're so cute! :-)

This photo also shows off my new bangs!! I'm not normally one to show personal photos, but how do you like my new bangs?? And my new camera!!?

Just a Few Things...

I would like to share a few things with you that I found recently that are wonderful! Check out the links below!


These invitations from Tokketok are stunning! Take a look here!

The New Arrivals from Urban outfitters are SOO cute! I wish I had a house so I could fill my house with all this beautiful stuff! Find it here!

Check out this gorgeous interior design of this family room and kitchen! What a great solution to having Christmas all year long! Check it out here!

I am brand new to this amazing company called Ban.Do Accessories, but you have GOT to check some of their things out! Like shoe clips? HELLO? What a good idea!! See more of their products here!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ghandi Changes the World

Wow, I am SO impressed by this stunning poster I just found on Idea Obscura! She is SO talented!! And guess what!! It's a free download! So you can have this beautiful poster, too!! Click on the image below and you can have it, as well! Clicking on the image below will send you to her blog so you can take a look and decide to download the image if you want...but why WOULDN'T you want to?! It's awesome!!

Holga Camera!!

**Check out my personal Holga B&W photos from my first roll of film HERE**

OH MY GOODNESS! Aren't these cameras just the cutest?? Not only are these cameras so awesome, but I get to have one!! My wonderful husband helped me find an amazing deal, and now it's on our way to our apartment. It's on our way TO OUR APARTMENT!! Cool, huh?? 

SO, now that I'm about to get this camera, I'll get to take as many of these beautiful photos below as I want! I love them! I'm SO HAPPY!!! So take a look at these pictures, too and tell me if you have any great ideas for a photoshoot!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Or more importantly...want one of THESE adorable designs below??? OF COURSE you do!! Because it's so adorable!! Jk, but seriously! I am really interested in generating some quality posts, and YOU might be perfect for that! I want to trade posts and collaborate with some fellow bloggers! SO...if you're interested in working something out, then send me an email at alexibullock at gmail dot com! Look at that adorable design tho, fun! Enjoy!

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